Paterson Model+41 B3146 Code:

OBD-II Diagnostic Body (B) Trouble Code

Trouble In Paterson Model+41 B3146 Possible Cause

By far the most common cause of this Paterson Model+41 B3146 code is from worn or defective transmission shifter components. Other causes may include a defective range sensor, open, shorted, corroded, or otherwise damaged wiring and/or electrical connectors.

Common Symptoms For Paterson Model+41 B3146

  1. Control module ground circuits should be tested for continuity with battery ground
  2. As the input shaft is turned (by the engine) the electro magnetic input/turbine speed sensor uses the spaces between the splines to provide voltage signal interruptions in the circuit
  3. The PCM will read the sensor resistance and pass it
  4. Several tools will be instrumental in successfully diagnosing this code

Similar Problems

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Paterson Model+41 B3146 Troubleshooting

Having one of the signs of a bad gasket is usually not enough to prove a failure of a gasket, but multiple symptoms are most likely the result of gasket failure. It is advisable to have the vehicle driven as little as possible whenever the symptoms occur. Depending on the symptoms, either have the gasket replaced or repaired.
The cost of replacing a gasket usually varies from one mechanic to the other. Replacing a gasket is quite expensive in modern engines due to their location and the amount of labor that is required to replace them. Paterson Model+41 B3146 OBD 2 code on vehicles with electronically controlled automatic transmissions, the 3-4 shift solenoid is responsible for actuating the hydraulic circuits to activate clutches or bands that change gears inside the automatic transmission.

How to turn off Paterson Model+41 B3146 check engine light ?

There are two ways to turn off the check engine light:

A repair technician can do so once repairs have been made.
The OBD II can automatically turn it off when it fails to detect the problem after several diagnostic cycles. Logo

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